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June 11, 2004


Peg K

One very old fashioned activity that I have always loved is STOPPING BY people's homes! I figure that if you do it, you have to be prepared for people to say, "Sorry, it's not a good time now." But no one's feelings, either the visitor nor the visitee, should be hurt.

Yet, almost no one ever does this anymore. When I was a kid, it was commonplace - and pleasant! How fun to have a friend surprise you, and then to take the time to catch up in person.

Why does there seem to be such a dearth of real intimacy in our world today? I honestly do not know.

I think that some of it is that too many of us have no idea how to BE intimate any longer. We don't know how to share of ourselves. We haven't been raised to really love and give of ourselves.

Perhaps future generations will be able to go back, and recover what currently seems to be lost to us.

I hope so.

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